A Woman Doing Life: Notes from a prison for women

22 Mar

Erin George

I read this for one of my criminal justice classes.  It wasn’t the best reading, I’ll admit, but probably one of the easiest reads I’ve ever had for a class.

The author is the woman who’s in prison for life.  She was found guilty of killing her husband but according to her all of the evidence was circumstantial and she claims that she had nothing to do with it.  She seems believable, but I wish she would have gone into more detail about his murder and what happened leading up to it.  Instead it’s all about her life behind bars, her time with her children and parents when the come to visit, and her interactions with fellow inmates.

So, would I recommend this book, probably not.  But if you find yourself needing a book for a school report or something similar, then I would say to go with this one because it’s short and fairly entertaining.

If you do pick this book up, there’s a very interesting prison “cookbook” in the back.  I swear reading the concoctions they’ve come up with using things they can buy from the commissary will make your stomach turn, but I guess when you’re desperate you do what you have to do.

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