Juice Fast Day 2

9 Aug

So far I don’t have a whole lot of super interesting things to report.  I woke up feeling fine, although I did sleep all through the night without waking up which is pretty rare for me.  I do always sleep better on my days off though so I’m not 100% convinced it’s because of the juicing, but if it is that’s awesome!

I feel completely normal so far.  No dizziness, weakness, excessive hunger, urgent trips to the bathroom, or headaches (all possible side effects at the beginning).  I do notice that I pay attention to food a lot more than usual though.  I went to Portland to go shopping and I couldn’t help by stare and drool at Chipotle, Panera Bread, Red Robin, Dairy Queen, and my favorite, sushi.  I did good though, no stopping for food.  I brought juice with me and it was ok.  I even resisted when my mom got coffee at a drive-thru…now that was tough.

I’ve tried another recipe and I really disliked this one, but it looked pretty cool!  My advice, stay away from the beets and radishes.  The beets taste fine but they are a complete mess, and I just don’t think I like radishes so much.


It looks like red wine but I assure you it doesn’t taste like it!  Really, I wouldn’t make this one again.

My favorite is still the standard Green Juice recipe that you can find on www.jointhereboot.com.  Still going to keep experimenting to see what else I might like.  I guess I prefer drinks that are more refreshing and mild over strong and pungent. 


Oh, I almost forgot the most impressive news.  I weighed myself this morning and couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw the scale read 142.6!  That’s 3.8lbs lost on the first day!  In no way do I expect that kind of result every day but it was a nice surprise.

One Response to “Juice Fast Day 2”

  1. Donna P. August 10, 2011 at 5:03 am #

    Wow!! That weight loss is impressive….I’m definitely intrigued by this diet, but not 100% sure I can commit. I’m probably part of the percentage that would get dizzy, nauseaus, headaches….I need my carbs and not just sugar from fruits. GOOD LUCK!! Keep posting so we can follow your progress.

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