Juice Fast Day 4

11 Aug

What a day it’s been.  After not being able to keep anything in my stomach yesterday, and still fighting nausea today I haven’t been feeling up to much other than checking facebook and napping.  I have been able to keep some juice in my stomach today though so that’s a nice change!  I’m on my third juice now and I plan on drinking at least one, maybe two more tonight.  My juices have been smaller today which is why I think I’m hungrier.  And, I’m not going to lie, solid food of any type is sounding really good right now, even though I don’t think my tongue would cooperate with it.  Other than the nausea and sleepy feeling from the medications I’m feeling just fine still. 

I was down to 140.2lbs this morning, that’s down another 1.2lbs, for a total of 6lbs in three days.  I really do attribute most of that to the fact that I was sick and couldn’t keep anything in my stomach yesterday.  I’m curious to see what the scale will have to say tomorrow.  I really am expecting to see a slow down in my weight loss soon, especially since I haven’t been up to working out.  Hopefully by tomorrow I can give that a try, or at least a nice walk with the dogs.

No fantastic juice recipes to report today.  Hopefully someone out there will come up with something good.  I’ve been experimenting some, but they are all pretty much turning out close to the same since I haven’t gone back for more groceries yet. 

Sounds like a few of my friends are starting a juice diet soon!  How exciting!  I noticed that someone said that as soon as you’re done with the juice diet that you will gain all of your weight back….well duh.  If you go and eat the same food that you were eating before and not exercising then of course you’re going to gain it back.  The thing is, this is a healthy way to lose weight, a way to incorporate healthy vegetables and fruits into your diet (which most people don’t eat enough of), and a way to jump start an overall healthier way of eating. 

What amazes me when I stop and think about it is that I’m going to go a whole 15 days without salt, sugar (that’s not from fruit), preservatives, flour, fat, all that bad stuff that we eat on a daily basis.  I know I’m going to try my hardest to stay away from prepackaged meals after this juice fast.  I don’t think it’s going to be easy to do, but I do hope that I will make a change in my eating habits!


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