Juice Fast Day 6

13 Aug

Today has been a little disappointing.  I started out waking up and thinking I was on day 7 and I was all excited because that’s pretty close as you can get to the half way mark.  Then I quickly realized that it was only day 6.  On top of that I got on the scale and decided to go back to bed because it didn’t say what I wanted it to.  However, the second time I got up the scale was being much nicer so I was up for the day.  On my first weigh-in I hadn’t lost any weight.  By the second weigh-in I was down about .2lbs.  I was just shocked that that was it.  I mean I walked for three miles, and worked up a good sweat too, and only drank three juices.  So I really don’t know what’s going on there.  Kind of frustrating though.  I guess I don’t have a lot more to lose, but I look at certain parts of my body and just think that there has to be more that can come off.

Today I did work out.  My first real workout in about a week.  I did the Biggest Loser Cardio Max DVD.  I had never done this one before so I can’t say if I’m feeling more fatigued now or not.  I think I feel the same.  I did have to pause the video twice to catch my breath, but that’s not unusual.  I did work up a good sweat so we’ll see how that fares on the scale tomorrow.

I’m confused as to how I weigh so much more now than I used to.  I really don’t think I’m 10lbs more muscle than I used to be, but maybe I am. 

In case you haven’t tried it yet, grapes are really delicious in the green juices!  I had to use mine up quick because I don’t have room in my refrigerator for them.

Overall, other than not losing as much weight as I’d like to be, things are going good.  I can finally drink out of my wine glass without a straw (classy I know), but my tongue is still numb at the end and still painful.  I think I’m slowly starting to talk more normal, but since the only ones that hear me are my dogs I’m not totally sure.

Well, if you’ve decided to join the juicing craze, I hope you’re hanging in there!  Tomorrow marks the true half way mark!

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