Juice Fast Day 8

15 Aug

As I sit here writing this, I’m cheating!

Ok, not as in I’m actually chewing anything, but this entire eight days I’ve been good and have been drinking mostly vegetable juices with just a hint of fruit.  Let me tell you, I’m sick of it!  I was craving sweets, chocolate actually, so I decided it’s about time that I treat myself just a little.  So I’m enjoying my first mostly fruit juice!  Now, I realize that’s not good to do all the time, too many calories, but I’m hoping that just one isn’t going to drastically change the scale.

So, here’s what I mixed up:

1 green apple

1 fuji apple

1 orange

1 lemon

1 ton of spinach (so I didn’t feel quite so guilty)

The scale totally tricked me this morning.  I got on and at first it said 138.8!  Then it readjusted and said 139.2.  I got back off and on again hoping for the first number again, but no, 139.2 it is.  That’s a loss of .2 from yesterday and 7.2lbs altogether. 

Still feeling ok energy wise and health wise, but (once again for those who like TMI), I’m finally having an issue with the bathroom thing.  Hoping is goes away really soon, it’s not a lot of fun.

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