Juice Fast Day 11

18 Aug

The juice fast experience at work went well yesterday.  I have a bad tendency to be at work and think about food when it’s not busy and then before you know it I’m hungry again.  Fortunately, I was super busy playing catch up last night so less time to think about being hungry.  But, I’ve noticed I rarely feel starving hungry since doing the fast.  So, during the day before work I had two juices, and then another two during the night while I was at work, and lots of tea and water.  I only lost .2lbs but I’m thankful I didn’t gain and I’m hoping that now that I’ve got my schedule all turned around I will lose a little more tonight.  If not, it’s still progress and I’m getting closer and closer to my goal of 135.  I’m exactly two pounds away as of today, 137.

I stopped at the store this morning after work and picked up some new produce and I’m excited to give it a try.  It could be really disastrous, but I’m adventurous enough to give it a try….once!  So, in addition to my green staple, spinach, I picked some some radicchio, green cabbage, and sweet potatoes.  I’m thinking some sort of sweet potato and orange juice combination would be good.  I hope so anyway.

On top of the weight loss aspect of feeling good, I’ve been in a really good mood lately.  So many fewer negative thoughts going through my head on a daily basis.  This could have to do with a number of things, but I’m really hoping it’s from the juicing!  I like having a positing outlook on life and the things going on around me.  I really do think that if you think good things, good things will happen!

Just four days of juice fasting left!  I keep thinking about what it is that I’m going to eat first.  I know you’re supposed to ease into the food world slowly, but I wish I didn’t have to.  I’ve been thinking about making this portabella mushroom pizza that I saw on someone’s blog.  You use the mushroom as the crust, fill it with marinara and top with cheese, and whatever else you might want on there.  The cheese might be pushing the boundaries of my stomach, but it sounds so good.  That and a banana, which normally I eat all the time.  I wish you could juice bananas!

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