Juice Fast Day 12

19 Aug

Today I’d like to start off with a few things that I’ve had to learn the hard way, so that maybe you won’t have to go through the same things.

Last night I made up my juices and headed off to work.  Little did I know that both, not one or the other, but both juices were so disgusting that I could hardly drink them.  In fact, what I was able to get down was out of sheer will power alone, not because I wanted to.  Also, I don’t recommend radicchio or sweet potatoes in juices.  I guess sometimes the adventurous part of me gets me into trouble once in a while.  So, after work I knew I needed to drink something but I really didn’t want to deal with juicing right before bed so I cheated a little.  I went to Safeway and about a Naked Green Monster and drank that before I went to bed.  I have to say, I didn’t really like it too much.  It has more of a smoothie texture than a juice texture and according to the bottle has pureed fruits rather than juiced.  So it was a pretty big cheat, but still staying with in the rules.  At least there aren’t any added preservatives or sugars, it’s all natural.  For a bottled juice/smoothie I guess that’s doing pretty good.

I was pleasantly surprised when I weighed in today!  I finally hit to 10lbs lost mark!  That was my initial goal.  I’ve actually lost 10.2lbs as of today, with a .8lb loss yesterday.  I’m down to 136.2 (which totally amazes me) and I’d really love to see 135 on the scale by day 15.  If I don’t, I’m not going to beat myself up too badly.  I still can’t believe I’ve lost 10.2lbs in 12 days, especially since I didn’t have a ton of weight to lose to start with.  Absolutely amazing!

So tonight I made sure to taste test my juices for work, they are both delicious!  No more cheating with Naked juices for me….at least not for another day. 

2 Responses to “Juice Fast Day 12”

  1. Rafael Gómez September 12, 2012 at 4:05 am #

    Hi Shauna….I found your blog via google search for Naked Juice Green Monster fast – because I was thinking of doing the FSND thing without having to buy the expensive juicer. Why would it be “cheating” as you say? Doesn’t Joe Cross pretty much drink non-filtered juices?

    • shauna825 September 12, 2012 at 4:41 am #

      Here’s my personal take on the “Naked” juices and other similar brands. I think they are ok on occasion, but since they contain puréed fruit and not just juice you will not get the same results. One of the big benefits to juice only is that you are giving your colon a chance to a) clean out and b) to rest/recover. So by having purée your body will be processing solids actually.

      That being said, depending on how much you have to lose, replacing a meal or two a day with a Naked juice is still going to be beneficial, but you won’t lose as much as you could potentially use.

      I’d try looking for a used juicer, you might be able to find one fairly inexpensive that way.

      Good luck to you!

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