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Quinoa Mac & Cheese

28 Mar


quinoa mac and cheese1

I found the most amazing mac and cheese recipe on Pinterest the other day and finally got around to cooking it up today.  This uses quinoa rather than macaroni, therefore making it gluten free if that’s a concern for you.  It’s not for me, I just prefer to eat healthy and try new things!

Check out the recipe here!  Give the rest of Leanne’s blog a look too.  It quickly becoming one of my favorites!  She has tons of great recipe ideas.

I used the recipe as a guide and changed it up how I wanted to, but not much really.  Everything is the same except that I took a bag of frozen cauliflower florets and boiled them until soft, pureed them in the food processor (which sadly died during the making of this meal, it will be missed).  After pureeing I added the milk/cheese/egg and blended it all together.  Then I transferred the quinoa and cheese mixture to a large bowl and stirred it all up.  Lastly I cooked up a bag of frozen broccoli and stirred that in before putting it all into the oven.  The only other real change was that I added two cups of cheese rather than the suggested 1 1/2 cups.  You can never have too much cheese!

quinoa mac and cheese2

Before Baking

quinoa mac and cheese

After Baking


And, the final product!  It is really good!  I guess I’d say that you can tell it’s not your standard mac and cheese, but it’s too good to care.  Give it a try, especially if you’ve never tried quinoa before.  I think you’ll really like it.

The Hunger Games

27 Mar

I’ve read all three books (yes, I know, I neglected to do a write up about them but I feel like I have to read them again to do a proper one), and saw the movie the opening night at midnight!  I thought the movie was pretty awesome.  There were a few parts, especially the part about how Katniss got the mockingjay pin, that were changed so much from the book that I didn’t like them.  All in all I don’t think these changes matter too much, but they still matter.


Today I keep hearing a lot about racism tied in with this movie and I have to say that I’m shocked that there is such a huge trend towards this.  The article I was reading earlier (found here) was about a bunch of Twitter posts from different people saying how disgusted they were that Rue and Thresh (from District 11) were black.  In this article they clearly quoted sections from the book describing each character and they are described as having “dark skin”.  So, these people that watched the movie (and claimed to have read the books) are disgusted that they cried and were upset over Rue dying now that they realize she was black.  Are you kidding me?  Why is it wrong to be sad over a white girl dying but not a black girl?  I just don’t get it….can’t wrap my mind around it.  I cried during the book, and I cried during the movie.  I though the actress who played Rue did a fantastic job and she really did remind me of Prim.

Ok, done with my tangent there.  If you haven’t already, the series is a must-read.  I say read the books then watch the movie, but that’s just me.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Through

26 Mar


This is my picture of “through”.  I couldn’t think of a good topic today and I’m really making an effort to blog more, if not every day then most days.  So, today I’m using The Daily Post suggestion which can be found here:

I think it’s the girly side of me that loves this photo.  It’s so simple, but pretty and pink!  I think it looks kinda like a flower.  I took this with my cell phone camera one night when I was bored at work.  It’s shot through the cap of a pink highlighter looking up into the overhead lighting.  I bet you never would have guessed that!  So anyway, that’s my depiction of “through”.