The Wind Through the Keyhole

25 Apr


Stephen King’s latest addition to the Dark Tower collection just became available for download to kindle on April 24th at midnight. I already had it on pre-order and I stayed up late specifically to download the book. Even though I was in the middle of King of Thrones I couldn’t help but start reading. Today, two days later, I finished the 320 page book (which we all know is extremely short for any King publication but especially for a Dark Tower book.

The setting for The Wind Through the Keyhole is to fall between books four and five, making this book 4.5 as some are calling it. We once again meet with our old friends Roland, Eddie, Suzanna, Jake, and one of my personal favorites Oy! Jaime DeCurry and a small boy named Tim play a large part of this book.

One portion of this book is about the search for the “skin man” and the other part is Roland retelling a story his mother used to tell him as a child, appropriately named “The Wind Through the Keyhole”.

I loved every minute of this book, but like any Dark Tower book it left me wanting more. In my opinion this was way too short. The entire book covers what would be a small tangent in the other books. The other thing that left me wanting more was the fact that most of the story is during Roland’s younger years so we don’t get to see much of the other characters we have grown to know over thousands of pages.

I don’t think I’ll ever be ready to stop reading about these characters or their quest for the dark tower. I can old hope that there will be more .5 books to come in the future! If you’re a Dark Tower junkie like I am, this is a must read!

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