Juice Fast #2–Day 1

18 Jul

I’m super excited!  So excited that I literally only slept five hours last night.  Part of my excitement is that right before I went to bed last night I decided to do another 15 day juice fast.  I do recall from last time feeling like 15 days was too long, but I know I can do it!

Part of my decision to start this fast came about because Joe Cross, the originator of the Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead movie posted on Facebook that he’s starting a 15 day reboot as well, starting today.  That’s all the motivation I needed to give this another go.  It’s almost like I have a partner in this fast, someone to hold me accountable.  I’ll be able to follow his, and other people who are posting to his timeline through their journey as I go through mine.

I’ve been wanting to do another juice fast for a while now.  I’ve even had two failed attempts.  My first failed attempt was because I was lazy and didn’t want to clean my juicer all the time.  I decided to do a juice fast with only store-bought juices (the green juices).  Those include a lot of puree in them, and really aren’t the right thing to be using on a juice only fast.  I’m not saying I won’t throw one in here or there, but that won’t be the majority of my juice.  My second failed attempt was using my juicer, but I cheated every single day.  The problem was lack of will-power, and the five pound bag of gummy bears that was on top of my refrigerator.  Needless to say, I just wasn’t ready.  I didn’t blog the other times either, and it really helps me stay accountable.

I ended my last (first) juice fast (almost exactly a year ago) at 134.5 pounds, and I’m starting this one today at 140.2.  So, you can see I haven’t gained a lot.  In fact I lost more weight after I finished my fast last time and was right around 130-132 for the majority of the time.  What lead to down the weight-gain path was a combination of a month-long vacation that wasn’t under the best of circumstances.  There were a lot of drinks, ice cream, and less than healthy food.  Even when it was healthy it was in too large of quantities.

What I’m hoping to gain from this fast is of course weight loss, but I’m also hoping to shrink the size of my stomach to go back to eating smaller quantities.  The health benefits of tons of veggies and fruits is good too!

My plan this time around is also to be more active than I was during the last fast.  Last time I spent a good majority of the time recovering from a surgery, so it made it easier I think.  I wasn’t working, wasn’t around people and other food. 

I have been running a ton lately.  Hoping to reach my goal of running a half marathon, but I’m not pushing it since I have had a running injury in the past.  That’s no fun, and I’m actually enjoying running this time around, I don’t want to ruin that.  I’ll be testing my running while fasting theory tonight on my fitness test for work.  I’m a little nervous going right into an actual test, but I know I’ll be ok.  I’ll share my results with you all tomorrow, and of course update you on my success!

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