Juice Fast #2–Day 2

19 Jul

I said I’d update you on the success of my first day, and I’m proud to say that that’s all I have to report!  Nothing but success.

Made it through the day without any problems.  I do get hungry every few hours, but the juice is doing it’s job to keep the hunger at bay.  I drank 5, 16oz juices yesterday and about 90oz of water.  A little TMI but I swear I peed for minutes straight, lol.  It’s good, flushing all that bad crap out.  I probably should have drank more water but it’s hard when I’m at work because bathroom breaks can be far and few between.

I managed to do my fitness test for work.  I did have a weird experience and I’m not sure if that was due to the juice fast or if it was because I was running on pavement when I’m used to my treadmill.  My calves tightened up so bad last night that stretching after my run almost brought tears to my eyes.  I’m glad I did it anyway though because this morning I have no soreness at all.

And now, for the most exciting news, I weighed in at 138.4 this morning.  That’s down 1.8lbs from yesterday.  Feeling strong and feeling good about this, my willpower is an unbreakable fortress….but food still does sound yummy!

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