Juice Fast #2–Day 7

24 Jul

Today, and especially last night at work, I really want food!  I don’t even care what it is.  Still no cravings but everything and anything sounds and looks pretty good.  It didn’t seem to matter how much juice I drank last night I was still hungry.  I’m supposed to be past that point by now (especially since I didn’t have it at the beginning).  Kinda weird to be having willpower issues at the half-way point.  Sticking to it though.

Normally I wouldn’t weigh in today since I don’t actually sleep a full night, but I just took a little nap and stepped on the scale after I got up….same as yesterday 135.4, so that’s promising for some loss tomorrow after I sleep tonight.  Transitioning between nights and days, whether on a juice fast or not, is always difficult because I eat a lot more than usual, simply because I’m awake so many more hours than normal.

I’m also in a pretty crappy mood, but the juice fast doesn’t have much to do with that, although I’m sure it plays a small part.  If I weren’t fasting I’d most likely be searching my cupboards, refrigerator, and freezer for some comfort food. 

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