Juice Fast #2–Day 10

27 Jul

I can’t believe it’s already day 10!  2/3rds of the way done.  It’s amazing how ten days can seem so fast and so long all at the same time.

I had my first dream about food last night.  I must have been in high school because there were lockers everywhere and there was a food eating competition going on.  I decided to join the competition at the last minute.  The difference about this competition was that it wasn’t based on how much you ate exactly, but how much you could eat to increase your weight.  So the person that gained the most weight throughout the day would win.  After eating the biggest sub sandwich I’ve ever seen I weighed myself and was down four pounds rather than up.  It was really weird.  Needless to say I never found out who won because I woke up before the end of the dream, but I do know I ate some pretty delicious food in my dream!!!  I must have been craving subway.

I was so busy again yesterday.  I let myself get way too hungry, almost to the point of being sick.  Once I was home though I got back on track and still managed to drink all five juices!  It’s amazing the power of getting the right amount of calories for the day (not too high and not too low).  By reaching my goal of five juices (and roughly 1200-1500 calories) I lost 1.4lbs yesterday, versus when I only drank three juices the day before (900 calories if I’m lucky) and lost zero pounds.  Your body really will hold onto everything if you don’t give it enough fuel to run.  So, as of today I’m an even 133.0!  Getting so close to my goal I can’t even believe it.  I’m not sure if I’ll lose the last three pounds in the next five days.  If I do or I don’t I’m really happy with my success to date.

I did have a cheat moment yesterday.  No, it’s not what you’re thinking…nothing solid I swear!  But, I did meet with a friend for coffee and I had an amazing Americano at Insomnia Café in Cannon Beach.  No cream or sugar, just the coffee.  It was so stinkin good, especially since I had just been thinking how nice a cup of coffee would be.  At that point I was already hungry, and no caffeine in the last nine days, I was beyond jittery. 

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