Juice Fast #2–Day 13

30 Jul

I’m going to be quite honest….I can’t wait for this juice fast to be over.  I came so close to just eating something this morning after I got home from work.  Usually the urge subsides by the time I wake up, but today I still want to eat.  I’m sitting here enjoying my first juice of the day, but I’m so ready to be done with it.  I guess that’s pretty much how I felt at the end of the fast last time too.  How anyone can do 60+ days is beyond me.  Of course I’ve pretty much lose everything I want to/can lose.  If I kept seeing pounds flying off and felt better because of it then I’m sure that would be some good motivation to continue.

The scale didn’t budge for me today, still holding at 132.2.  If I end up not losing anything more than that I’ll be ok with it.  I am happy with my results and that’s all that matters!

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