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Whole30 – Day 20

29 Oct

This may be my most uneventful post so far, and for that I’m sorry but I’m not sorry. Today was filled with knowledge. I spent most of the day sitting in a classroom listening to someone speak. It was good and informative but not an active day. I guess they can’t all be. Totally worth it though. 


I ate some kalua pig, cauliflower rice, avocado, and a persimmon. Those little orange fruits are really growing on me!



I ate at Chipotle! So good. Salad with chicken, grilled vegetables, salsa, and avocado. 



I’m totally bummed about dinner. I feel like I must have eaten some non-compliant foods but I chose the best and only thing I thought would be okay from the Olive Garden menu, the garlic rosemary chicken. I even substituted the Parmesan mashed potatoes for vegetables and asked for no butter, but my stomach is all gurgly, and feels bloated almost instantly. What an eye opener. Really bummed but I’m moving forward. Technically I should start over with day 1 tomorrow but I’m not going to do that. I’m going to do over 30 days so I’m just going to keep going. I will finish the rest of this 30 days and keep going!  I was so disappointed I didn’t take a picture.  


Whole30 – Day 11

21 Oct

Today’s blog is going to be short and sweet.  I’m already two or three hours past the time I normally go to bed since I went and got my hair done today!  I’m loving the new blondness.


Overall I’m feeling really great on Whole30.  I don’t have crazy energy going on, but I do feel better than I did and my sleep is better no doubt.  Speaking of which, my pillow is calling my name.


I mixed wilted spinach with some crack slaw and had two poached eggs.  I could seriously eat this for every breakfast, maybe forever.  I love it that much!  I topped it all with the last bit of ranch dressing I had left.  I’m making a mental note for next week to make more sauces I can use for fats.  I feel so redundant either eating olives or avocados…not that I really mind.



Lunch was a half of a stuffed acorn squash which has seasoned ground turkey in it, which still reminds me of stovetop stuffing (I like it) and a side of green beans with mushrooms.  I also had some raw celery with almond butter.



I reheated some of the spinach and tomato frittata I had made ahead of time.  This was nice since I was running short on time today.  I topped it off with an avocado and some Frank’s Red Hot Sauce!  Such a good combination.  I think adding some ground meat in this would be really delicious.


Someone mentioned to me that they think that I’m more upbeat lately.  I’d have to agree.  While I’m still not feeling as amazing and energetic as I know I can, I am feeling better in general than I have for a long time.  Top that off with the fact that I have hope in actually getting help from my new doctor and I’m making really good choices for my body with all the good food I’m eating and I’m a pretty happy girl!

Good night all!

Diamond Candles

5 Sep


My new obsession! Diamond candles are awesome. In every candle you get a ring, it’s like a Cracker Jack surprise for women, lol. The ring can be valued anywhere from $10-$5000 but that is really just a bonus. The candles smell great, are made of soy, burn clean and seem to burn for a long time too. I’m still on my first one (pictured above) Cinnamon Roll! Smells so good I could eat it. And you can see on the lid my first ring! It’s not real, but it is pretty. I need to find some of those little plastic sleeves to make it fit better because it’s on the big side. I have another one already waiting for me, Gingerbread Latte, and four more being shipped out (Cupcake, Cinnamon Tea, and two of Misty Dawn). Can’t wait to get them and find my surprise! The hardest part is not digging for the ring, but it’s so worth it to wait it out.

A Woman Doing Life: Notes from a prison for women

22 Mar

Erin George

I read this for one of my criminal justice classes.  It wasn’t the best reading, I’ll admit, but probably one of the easiest reads I’ve ever had for a class.

The author is the woman who’s in prison for life.  She was found guilty of killing her husband but according to her all of the evidence was circumstantial and she claims that she had nothing to do with it.  She seems believable, but I wish she would have gone into more detail about his murder and what happened leading up to it.  Instead it’s all about her life behind bars, her time with her children and parents when the come to visit, and her interactions with fellow inmates.

So, would I recommend this book, probably not.  But if you find yourself needing a book for a school report or something similar, then I would say to go with this one because it’s short and fairly entertaining.

If you do pick this book up, there’s a very interesting prison “cookbook” in the back.  I swear reading the concoctions they’ve come up with using things they can buy from the commissary will make your stomach turn, but I guess when you’re desperate you do what you have to do.