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Juice Fast #2–Day 9

26 Jul

For those of you who have actually seen me in person the last few weeks, I assure you my winking is not a sign that I have developed crushes on all of you!  I’ve had this super annoying eye twitch for a few weeks now (since before I started the juice fast).  I’ve had eye twitches before and I always thought that it was caused by eye strain, a sign that my vision was changing….or even stress.  I mentioned it to a coworker the other day and she told me that it can be a sign of vitamin deficiency.  I did some research online and found out that, sure enough, eye twitching can be caused by vitamin deficiencies, most commonly a B-12 deficiency. 

You can only get B-12 by having meat in your diet, so a deficiency in this area should really come as no surprise for me.  Even when I’m not on a juice fast I don’t really eat meat very often.  Mostly because I don’t like to cook raw meat myself, and then when I’m out at a restaurant I just usually see something meatless on the menu that looks good to me.  Finally, after three days of taking some vitamins (yes I know I should do this all the time), the twitch is almost completely gone!  Before it was more of an almost all the time thing and now it’s rarely ever happening.  I know I need to keep up with the vitamins, but the main reason I wasn’t taking them before was because they give me such an upset stomach.  I guess I just have to suck it up and do what I know is best for my health. 

I have my yearly check-up next month so I plan on asking for a full screening of all of my levels to make sure I’m not low on anything else.  Did you know that a vitamin D deficiency is a common link in those who get cancer?  I had a deficiency in that before and now I’m finally at a “recovery level” as of my last check-up.  That I do take a on a daily basis because cancer is no joke.  Also, vitamin D deficiencies can show up as problems sleeping (which I was having big time back then).  I think everyone who lives here on the dreary coast should be taking a vitamin D supplement, but of course check with your doctor!

I thought for sure I’d lose a lot between yesterday and today, but in fact I stayed exactly the same, 134.4.  The exciting news is that I managed to fit into my size 4 jeans yesterday!  I worked out for an hour on my treadmill, and walked a few miles on the Astoria Riverwalk so I was a little surprised.  Then again, I was so busy that I only drank three juices instead of my usual five.  I think I actually didn’t consume enough calories to actually lose anything (sounds backwards I know, but it’s true).  So today my goal is five juices!