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Whole30 – Day 24

3 Nov

Well, I did have my doctor’s appointment and now I have some answers but I’m not even going to pretend I know what I’m talking about at this point.  What I am going to do is lay it all out there so you can get a feeling for just how messed up a person can be by just eating poorly.  It’s really amazing how badly our bodies can become messed up.

The first thing my doctor told me was that I needed to start eating better.  She didn’t know that I had already started, and almost completed the Whole30.  She was really happy to hear this and told me that I need to keep at it, which is what I had planned to do anyway.  You have to realize the blood work that was done was pre-Whole30 so if my body has experienced any benefits to date I don’t have the numbers to show that.

I learned that I can’t eat gluten, at least for now.  I do not know for sure that I am gluten intolerant but at this point it’s just best for me to avoid.  They’ll be retaking my blood samples in about three months so it’ll be interesting to see what the tests show at that point in comparison to what they are today.

I also learned that my thyroid is low, super low, which I had already expected to hear.  My T3 and T4 as well as my Free T3 are extremely low…as in off the charts low.

One of the most scary things for me today was learning my B12 was low.  That in itself doesn’t sound like a big deal, but the big deal is that I now have to give myself a shot every other day, a shot of B12.  I did my first one today and it is freaky looking at that needle and knowing you need to plunge it into your stomach…so scary!  But, I did it and it actually didn’t hurt at all, nothing like I expected it to be.  I imagine it’ll take me a while before I’m pro at it and don’t think twice before giving myself the shot.  I really feel for people with diabetes who need insulin and women who have had to do shots for fertility.  It’s not fun.

Based on my stool analysis tests I found out that I have a candida overgrowth throughout my body.  If you didn’t know candida is yeast.  Yep, just like yeast in bread, it feeds off of sugars and breads/pasta and other similar foods.  I have to start taking something to help kill that off too.  Apparently diet alone can’t get rid of it but the Whole30 will help keep it from coming back.  This has become a pretty big problem for lots of people.  I don’t know too much about how it affects your body but I know when you have it your body is constantly trying to fight it off, which isn’t healthy because it just can’t win the battle.  Candida also plays a big part into what’s called “leaky gut syndrome”, where your body cannot absorb the nutrients it needs to in the small intestine.  In addition to the medication to kill the candida off I’m also taking a new probiotic which helps to restore the healthy bacteria in the gut, which is what’s supposed to stop the candida to begin with.  But, when the good bacteria are gone or damaged they can’t do their job.

So, as if that weren’t enough already I also have what’s called “estrogen dominance”.  This is when you have too much estrogen and not enough progesterone and testosterone.  You guessed it, I have to take different medications for both those issues too.  Some of the literature my doctor gave me on this says that estrogen dominance leads to “weight gain, headaches, bad temper, and chronic fatigue”.  Yep, that’s totally me.

If I’ve counted correctly (and I may have missed one or two), I’m now taking 8 new supplements/medications.  It is a lot to take in and even my doctor kept telling me it was a lot.  And, even though I am a bit overwhelmed I am also relieved that someone finally listened to me and didn’t just send me out the door telling me I’m fine.  It’s actually a relief to know there may actually be some end out there to these several years long issues I’ve been having.  This also explains why even the Whole30 has not been a miracle for me, but another piece of the total puzzle.  I’m totally committed to getting healthy and feeling good.  I can’t even remember when the last time I ever felt “normal”, with good energy and ready to take on the world.  I sometimes wonder if I ever have.

The good news is that I might not/shouldn’t/maybe won’t have to take these things for the rest of my life.  I do believe that at least some of them are pretty temporary, while others may take longer to get rid of, or maybe I’ll just have to take less of them down the road.  I’m as optimistic as I can be that I might finally have some answers to these health questions I’ve been having for such a long time.  The sad part of it all is that I’ve done extensive research over the years regarding my symptoms and I’ve even reached the same conclusions as these blood/stool tests, but I just couldn’t find a doctor who would actually listen.  Now that I have found one I feel that she is a priceless assent in my corner.  It’s so nice to have a visit with her that’s an hour long and she actually talks to me the entire hour….and she listens!  It’s like it’s a new concept in medicine.

I guess the positive take-away to all this is that no matter how long you’ve been suffering with medical problems you have to keep pushing forward and seeking out someone who will listen and who will give you some answers.  Only time will tell if this is going to make me feel better but I will be sure to post updates in the future as to my progress.

Juice Fast #2–Day 9

26 Jul

For those of you who have actually seen me in person the last few weeks, I assure you my winking is not a sign that I have developed crushes on all of you!  I’ve had this super annoying eye twitch for a few weeks now (since before I started the juice fast).  I’ve had eye twitches before and I always thought that it was caused by eye strain, a sign that my vision was changing….or even stress.  I mentioned it to a coworker the other day and she told me that it can be a sign of vitamin deficiency.  I did some research online and found out that, sure enough, eye twitching can be caused by vitamin deficiencies, most commonly a B-12 deficiency. 

You can only get B-12 by having meat in your diet, so a deficiency in this area should really come as no surprise for me.  Even when I’m not on a juice fast I don’t really eat meat very often.  Mostly because I don’t like to cook raw meat myself, and then when I’m out at a restaurant I just usually see something meatless on the menu that looks good to me.  Finally, after three days of taking some vitamins (yes I know I should do this all the time), the twitch is almost completely gone!  Before it was more of an almost all the time thing and now it’s rarely ever happening.  I know I need to keep up with the vitamins, but the main reason I wasn’t taking them before was because they give me such an upset stomach.  I guess I just have to suck it up and do what I know is best for my health. 

I have my yearly check-up next month so I plan on asking for a full screening of all of my levels to make sure I’m not low on anything else.  Did you know that a vitamin D deficiency is a common link in those who get cancer?  I had a deficiency in that before and now I’m finally at a “recovery level” as of my last check-up.  That I do take a on a daily basis because cancer is no joke.  Also, vitamin D deficiencies can show up as problems sleeping (which I was having big time back then).  I think everyone who lives here on the dreary coast should be taking a vitamin D supplement, but of course check with your doctor!

I thought for sure I’d lose a lot between yesterday and today, but in fact I stayed exactly the same, 134.4.  The exciting news is that I managed to fit into my size 4 jeans yesterday!  I worked out for an hour on my treadmill, and walked a few miles on the Astoria Riverwalk so I was a little surprised.  Then again, I was so busy that I only drank three juices instead of my usual five.  I think I actually didn’t consume enough calories to actually lose anything (sounds backwards I know, but it’s true).  So today my goal is five juices!