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Whole30 – Day 1

11 Oct

Day 1 is officially in the books as a success.  It feels good to have finally started when this is something I’ve known I was going to do for several weeks now but have had to wait for several different reasons (flu, blood draw, and other medical tests).  I don’t think I’ve ever eaten this many vegetables in one day ever…and I like vegetables I just don’t like preparing them.

I started my day out with a black coffee!  I drink my coffee black at home pretty regularly even before starting Whole30 so that’s not been a hurdle for me.  I love the Starbucks Via packets because they are quick and easy and also Whole30 compliant.


I did two things during my first meal that I have never done before.  I made poached eggs!  I always thought it’d be difficult but it’s not at all.  I think the secret is the apple cider vinegar in the water.  They came out perfect, done on the outside and still runny on the inside.  I also made wilted spinach.  It was so good.  I made about half a bag which cooks up so much smaller.  I used coconut oil and added salt, pepper, and garlic powder for seasoning.  I also heated up some of the spaghetti squash and sliced up a plum.



For lunch I heated up some of the Crack Slaw and the Balsamic Sweet Potatoes and Brussels Sprouts and added half an avocado to meet my fat goal.  It all reheated nicely.  I’m so thankful to have done the majority of my cooking ahead of time.  Even though today was a day off from work I just don’t love spending a ton of time in the kitchen.



I decided to have a bowl of Chicken Chowder and a side salad with the other half of my avocado from lunch topped with home made ranch dressing.  The chowder might look funny but it tastes delicious!


I’m really surprised I didn’t even finish my entire dinner.  I only ate about half the soup, which means I did not get the recommended amount of protein for dinner.  I don’t know what it is but I can eat a lot and I find myself feeling much fuller than normal.  I know I have eaten way more food than I normally do and I’m not going to lie, that freaks me out.   In my mind more food = more pounds and that is the opposite of what I want.  That doesn’t mean I’m not going to eat as much as I’m supposed to, because Whole30 is not about being hungry all the time or being low calorie, but I do think I need to rethink my portion sizes.  I’m STUFFED.  Part of Whole30 is to learn to quit eating when you are satiated, not before or after.  I have a feeling that’s going to take at least 30 days to learn for me.  I’m trying really hard to eat at my dining room table and to only eat, no phone, iPad, laptop, or TV.  Easier said than done.

Okay now for the TMI portion of my post.  Please stop reading if you really don’t want to know, lol.

Really….I mean it…stop reading if TMI bothers you or if you’re not okay with me being completely honest with the process.

Alright, here it goes.  I’m not sure if it’s the increase in vegetables/fiber in my diet, or maybe the fats, but I’m experiencing diarrhea today.  I had the flu about two weeks ago and this is feeling like deja vu.  It started about three hours after breakfast and continued throughout the day.  I looked all over the Whole30 Forums and couldn’t find anyone complaining of diarrhea on day one.  Maybe I’m just such a perfectionist that my body decided to skip ahead?  Kidding!  I really don’t know what’s going on but I feel fine other than the frequent trips to the bathroom.  Really hoping it stops soon though.  The good news is that it subsided quite a bit after lunch.  Hopefully all the bad things are gone now, lol.

Juice Fast Day 1

8 Aug

Ok, nearing the end of day 1 of my very first juice fast.  It’s been a crazy day (like my first day off from work usually is).  I worked last night from 10pm until 8am this morning.  My last real meal was at about 3:30am and I was starving by the time I got off work at 8am.  I had been planning on going to Safeway to get some veggies to make my juice but I found out as I was leaving work that one of my coworkers is doing the juice fast too (she’s on day 4 today) and she told me where to get produce much cheaper (I still spent $130, but more on that later)!  So, I ended up going out of town for the produce and by the time I got home I was so tempted just to start eating everything before juicing it.  But I was good!  I waited!

My first juice was good, I liked it anyway, pretty refreshing tasting and light, but somehow when you drink it you don’t feel as hungry.  I’m not going to say that I don’t feel a little hungry, I do, but if I drink water after drinking the juice I actually feel pretty full.  Just not, I ate a huge meal full.  Either way, I’m not sitting here listening to my stomach grumble so it’s not been too bad at all.  Of course this is just day 1.  Hoping it stays this easy though.

All in all I’ve had only two juices today.  Not because I’m trying to limit myself but because I did take a nap earlier today which took up some time.  Still trying to get the second juice down.  I think I’ve been working on it for about four hours now.  Sipping away.  Not my favorite recipe but I think it’s because I used the red swiss chard, seems to have a pretty bitter flavor.  Not bad, just not something that I want to gulp down real fast.  I think I’ll end up having another one (different recipe) before I go to bed.

Oh I almost forgot the statistics part of it all.  My beginning weight, which I’m embarrassed to admit at the moment, is 146.4.  I haven’t been that heavy in a very long time.  So, really hoping I do lose a few pounds but I guess only time will tell.

Back to the subject of produce and costs.  I ended up buying too much.  So much in fact that it won’t all fit in my refrigerator.  On top of that I was really trying to follow recipes which led me to shop at the discount place and at another grocery store.  In the future I think I’m going to skip the recipes and just buy what I can from the discount produce place….and not in such mass quantities.  I do wish my refrigerator was bigger (it’s always been too small, not just for this) because I was hoping to be able to only grocery shop once a week.

Overall I don’t feel any different than I did yesterday.  I know it takes time, I’m just trying to give you a feel for what it’s like on the fast.  Like I mentioned, I’m not hungry, but I keep having urges to eat something.  I’m really craving tortilla chips for some reason.  Hint of Lime chips would be amazing right now.  I think it’s mostly the actually chewing and crunch that I’m missing right now.  And for the people who appreciate TMI….no crazy bowel movements to speak of, lol. 

So, yes, I have nearly survived day 1!