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Diamond Candles

5 Sep


My new obsession! Diamond candles are awesome. In every candle you get a ring, it’s like a Cracker Jack surprise for women, lol. The ring can be valued anywhere from $10-$5000 but that is really just a bonus. The candles smell great, are made of soy, burn clean and seem to burn for a long time too. I’m still on my first one (pictured above) Cinnamon Roll! Smells so good I could eat it. And you can see on the lid my first ring! It’s not real, but it is pretty. I need to find some of those little plastic sleeves to make it fit better because it’s on the big side. I have another one already waiting for me, Gingerbread Latte, and four more being shipped out (Cupcake, Cinnamon Tea, and two of Misty Dawn). Can’t wait to get them and find my surprise! The hardest part is not digging for the ring, but it’s so worth it to wait it out.