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C25K-Week One Done!

5 Apr

So stinkin’ excited!  I’ve managed to run one full week of C25K, and didn’t even take any extra days off.  So far my knee is not hurting at all (at least nothing out of the ordinary).  I’ve been good about stretching before and after, and using my foam roller before and after, I think that’s helping a lot.  I’m really trying to stay focused on just running and not worrying about speed, distance, or anything else other than taking it slow and working myself up to where I need to be again.  I guess I didn’t really realize how much I was missing running, it feels really good to get back into it and to work up a sweat!  Also, I feel less guilty when I eat crap after a run, that’s always a plus!

So, I did 6.83 miles in that first week.  So sad since I used to do close to that in one run, but I have to remember to keep things in perspective.  That’s more than I’ve ran in any one week in close to a year, so YAY ME!

Also, I forgot to mention the other day that I finally made it to green on Nike+!  That felt like it took forever, but it is really forever until I get to blue.  Oh well, I’ve got nothing but time anyway.  I think Nike should send you a gift card or something when you hit these milestones.  It’s not like they happen all that often and it would be good to promote their products.  Plus, they have to know you’re already using at least their shoes and sensors since you’re able to upload runs.  Just a thought, but seriously those in charge at Nike….take a listen please!  Those little clips of people talking to me after reaching a goal are not all that motivating.