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Juice Fast #2–Day 3

20 Jul

So far so good!  Day two went by and I still wasn’t craving food too badly.  I did go a few long stretches without any juice because I was so busy running errands, but I survived with just water to get me through.  It’s times like this that I wish there was a juice bar around here somewhere.

I did experience my first episode of dizziness and nausea, which surprised me.  During my first juice fast I never had that happen.  Of course it happened at the worst time too, right when I was trying to get out the door to an appointment.  But, it really wasn’t that bad, I just went on my way and ignored it as best as I could and soon enough it went away.

I totally failed at working out yesterday, but I’m going to today right after I go grocery shopping for more veggies and fruit.  It’s amazing how much produce you can go through in order to make your juices.  For that reason my favorite thing to juice is cucumber because it provides a ton of juice for the price, plus it doesn’t add any weird taste to the drink!  I also juiced watermelon and cantaloupe for the first time….yummy!

I actually tried one of the www.jointhereboot.com recipe of the week recipes and it was really good!  Give this a try:

2 Asian pears (or any other kind of pear)

2 Granny smith apples

2-3 Stalks of celery

1 Lemon

My grocery store didn’t have the Asian pears (which I love) so I substituted Bartlett pears and it was still good.

Not as shocking of a weight loss yesterday, 0.6lbs and I’m down to 137.8 on the scale.  Progress is progress and I’m sticking to it. 

The challenge for me now is going to be that I’m starting my work week tonight.  Two 14 hour shifts in a row isn’t going to leave me much time to get my juices ready and still get sleep.  I’m committed to this 15 days though, so I’m going to make it work. 

Post Juice Fast

23 Aug

Yay for solid food!  Although, I have to tell you, so far it’s not tasted nearly as good as I had imagined it would in my head.  Starting out fairly slow though.  My breakfast was an orange, and I just got done making my lunch, my portabella pizza that I’ve been craving this whole time.  It was pretty delicious, but still not real pizza.


Portabella Mushroom “Pizza”

1 Portabella Mushroom

Marinara Sauce

Mozzarella Cheese


Brush enough olive oil to coat each side of  the portabella.  Sprinkle with garlic powder or any other seasonings you want to use.  Then place into the oven, set to broil, five minutes on each side.  Remove from oven and add marinara sauce, cheese, and any other toppings you want on there.  Add back into the oven and keep a close eye on it so that the cheese doesn’t burn.  Heat just until sauce is hot and cheese is melted.

Ok, now the grand totals for my weight loss!  As you know I started out at 146.4 and my final weigh in this morning was 134.8.  That’s a total weight loss of 11.6lbs!  I also measured my stomach, hips, and thighs, and I lost a total of 4 1/2 inches.  To put it into another perspective, my BMI went from 20.42 to 18.8.  That’s a big difference, and it gives you more of an idea since that takes into account height and weight, not just weight.

I’m happy with my results!  I’m really hoping that I will be able to keep most of the weight off.  I realize that there will be some weight gain just due to the fact that I’m eating solid foods again, and they take some time to travel through the body.  I plan on still drinking juices from time to time, maybe even one a day.  I think it’s a good way to get all of my fruits and veggies. 

Would I do another juice fast?  I would have to say yes.  It’s been a little challenging to not eat food, but overall my experience was not a bad one.  I’m thankful for the fact that my stomach has shrunk down again.  I know that it doesn’t take that much food to fill my stomach.  I just need to remember to eat a little, and save the rest for later.  That’s a tough one because I love food.  But I’m going to do my best!

Juice Fast Day 15

22 Aug

My very final day of only juice!  I’m so excited.  I even went to the grocery store today and bought things that I don’t plan on juicing!  I bought two portabella mushrooms that I’m planning on using for my pizza “crust”, some organic garlic pasta sauce, and some shredded mozzarella cheese.  I know I need to do more shopping, but I didn’t bring a list with me so that’s all I could think to get. 

After 15 days of no fat, oil, sugar, flour, salt, etc. I feel like I am much more conscious about what I’m going to put in my body.  That doesn’t mean that I’m not going to enjoy what I eat and eat some bad things along the way.  There were displays upon displays of gummy bears, gummy worms, and sour gummies at Safeway today.  So tempting, but I was good.  I have also realized that I must not have eaten as badly as I thought I did before the fast because I really didn’t experience any detox side effects.  Doesn’t mean that there isn’t still room for improvement though!

After not weighing in yesterday I did my scale check this morning and was only down .2lbs.  Those days where I switch to and from nights really mess me up.  I’m not even really eating all that much more than I normally would, but something about being up around 30 hours, even with a nap, just seems to really screw with my entire body.  I’m lucky to work 4-10s and have three days off.  At least my body semi-adjusts during the week and during the weekend, it’s those in-between parts that are no good.  So, the ultimate final weigh in will be tomorrow morning.  I’m curious, but I don’t expect to lose all that much more. 

Juice Fast Day 14

21 Aug

I can’t believe that this juice fasting experience is nearly over!  I can’t put into words how excited I am to eat food again, but I really hoping I don’t get sick.  I haven’t read anyone’s versions of what it’s like to start eating real food again, but I’m hoping for a smooth transition.

No weigh in for me today.  It’s my Saturday, which is part of my Friday, so basically I’ll end up being up around 30ish hours before going to bed and I like to weigh myself first thing when I get up.  Hopefully that doesn’t mess with things too much.

I had a nice treat today!  I went out and picked some blackberries for my lunch juice.  So good!  I should have picked more but with our lack of sun there weren’t a whole lot of ripe ones just yet, hopefully soon.


And here’s a picture of, what I’m calling, my Purple Power Juice!


It was so good and now’s the time to take advantage of the blackberry bushes!

1 cup blackberries

1 lime

1 green apple

as much spinach as you can handle

Juice Fast Day 13

20 Aug

I couldn’t believe it when I stepped on the scale today for my weight in!  I made it to my ultimate goal!  I’m at 135.8 today and when I started out I was hoping to see 135 on the scale, but I never actually thought it would happen.  I had a loss of .4 and my total loss to date is 10.6lbs. 

Just a few more days of juice only.  I am really looking forward to eating solid foods again.  As much as I want to eat pizza and everything bad for me there’s a part of me that realizes that there has never been a time in my life where I’ve been as good to my body as I have been during this fast.  I kinda don’t want to ruin that.  I have no doubt I will to some extent, but I think I will be able to use moderation better in the future.

Made a really good juice today!  I think it’s one of my favorites so far.

1 orange

1/2 lemon

1 apple

2 handfulls spinach

1/2 cucumber

I’m so excited that a lot of people I know are reading my blog and either wanting to get started or have already started doing a juice fast.  It’s exciting for me to hear about other people’s successes and to know that I had a part in it, even if it was just for inspiration. 

Juice Fast Day 12

19 Aug

Today I’d like to start off with a few things that I’ve had to learn the hard way, so that maybe you won’t have to go through the same things.

Last night I made up my juices and headed off to work.  Little did I know that both, not one or the other, but both juices were so disgusting that I could hardly drink them.  In fact, what I was able to get down was out of sheer will power alone, not because I wanted to.  Also, I don’t recommend radicchio or sweet potatoes in juices.  I guess sometimes the adventurous part of me gets me into trouble once in a while.  So, after work I knew I needed to drink something but I really didn’t want to deal with juicing right before bed so I cheated a little.  I went to Safeway and about a Naked Green Monster and drank that before I went to bed.  I have to say, I didn’t really like it too much.  It has more of a smoothie texture than a juice texture and according to the bottle has pureed fruits rather than juiced.  So it was a pretty big cheat, but still staying with in the rules.  At least there aren’t any added preservatives or sugars, it’s all natural.  For a bottled juice/smoothie I guess that’s doing pretty good.

I was pleasantly surprised when I weighed in today!  I finally hit to 10lbs lost mark!  That was my initial goal.  I’ve actually lost 10.2lbs as of today, with a .8lb loss yesterday.  I’m down to 136.2 (which totally amazes me) and I’d really love to see 135 on the scale by day 15.  If I don’t, I’m not going to beat myself up too badly.  I still can’t believe I’ve lost 10.2lbs in 12 days, especially since I didn’t have a ton of weight to lose to start with.  Absolutely amazing!

So tonight I made sure to taste test my juices for work, they are both delicious!  No more cheating with Naked juices for me….at least not for another day. 

Juice Fast Day 11

18 Aug

The juice fast experience at work went well yesterday.  I have a bad tendency to be at work and think about food when it’s not busy and then before you know it I’m hungry again.  Fortunately, I was super busy playing catch up last night so less time to think about being hungry.  But, I’ve noticed I rarely feel starving hungry since doing the fast.  So, during the day before work I had two juices, and then another two during the night while I was at work, and lots of tea and water.  I only lost .2lbs but I’m thankful I didn’t gain and I’m hoping that now that I’ve got my schedule all turned around I will lose a little more tonight.  If not, it’s still progress and I’m getting closer and closer to my goal of 135.  I’m exactly two pounds away as of today, 137.

I stopped at the store this morning after work and picked up some new produce and I’m excited to give it a try.  It could be really disastrous, but I’m adventurous enough to give it a try….once!  So, in addition to my green staple, spinach, I picked some some radicchio, green cabbage, and sweet potatoes.  I’m thinking some sort of sweet potato and orange juice combination would be good.  I hope so anyway.

On top of the weight loss aspect of feeling good, I’ve been in a really good mood lately.  So many fewer negative thoughts going through my head on a daily basis.  This could have to do with a number of things, but I’m really hoping it’s from the juicing!  I like having a positing outlook on life and the things going on around me.  I really do think that if you think good things, good things will happen!

Just four days of juice fasting left!  I keep thinking about what it is that I’m going to eat first.  I know you’re supposed to ease into the food world slowly, but I wish I didn’t have to.  I’ve been thinking about making this portabella mushroom pizza that I saw on someone’s blog.  You use the mushroom as the crust, fill it with marinara and top with cheese, and whatever else you might want on there.  The cheese might be pushing the boundaries of my stomach, but it sounds so good.  That and a banana, which normally I eat all the time.  I wish you could juice bananas!