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Juice Fast #2–Day 11

28 Jul

This round of juice fast is quickly coming to an end.  Amazingly I’m not feeling like I did the last time, where I want to eat so badly.  I was having a moment this morning where I REALLY wanted to eat, but it passed quickly enough.  I’m rarely ever hungry, but it’s those rare times when I feel like I just can’t get full when I crave food the most.

It was a very small loss today, down .2lbs, at 132.8!  I’m really excited to see 132 on the scale again.  I’m wearing a pair of work pants that have always been a little tight and today they are feeling loose and baggy.  That’s a nice feeling!

I’m going to tell you all right now that I’m already planning a cheat!  My last day of the juice fast is August 1st.  I’m going to Portland to buy my new MacBook Pro that day, and I am for sure having sushi for lunch!  Technically I should finish out the day on juice, but I can’t think of a better first meal than sushi.  I can’t wait already!