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Juice Fast #2–Day 12

29 Jul

I can see the finish line just ahead!  The closer I get the more I want to walk rather than sprint, lol.  Seems to me that mornings (my late nights) are the times when I want food the most. 

Talk about torture….there were pastries at work last night just staring at me for 14 hours.  Amazingly enough I resisted temptation and never touched them.  If I could eat with my eyes though they’d have been gone!

Lost .6lbs since yesterday and a grand total of 8lbs in the last 12 days.  That’s really amazing.  My body has changed so much in this short amount of time.  I kinda wish I had taken some measurements other than weight when I started.  The thing I notice most is my stomach (because that’s what I hate the most), but I’ve been told my face is looking thin too.  Of course my stomach and my face are the two areas I always notice weight in first, so I guess it makes sense that that’s where I’d lose it from first too.

As much as I’m happy with my results, I’m going to be really happy to eat again.  Last time I was able to maintain and even lose weight after the fast and I truly hope that’s the case this time too, but I am a little nervous.  I like my body so much more at this weight and I really don’t want to gain anything back.  No sense in worrying though, only time will tell.  I do know one thing, I won’t be ready for another fast until at least a year from now!