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Quinoa Mac & Cheese

28 Mar


quinoa mac and cheese1

I found the most amazing mac and cheese recipe on Pinterest the other day and finally got around to cooking it up today.  This uses quinoa rather than macaroni, therefore making it gluten free if that’s a concern for you.  It’s not for me, I just prefer to eat healthy and try new things!

Check out the recipe here!  Give the rest of Leanne’s blog a look too.  It quickly becoming one of my favorites!  She has tons of great recipe ideas.

I used the recipe as a guide and changed it up how I wanted to, but not much really.  Everything is the same except that I took a bag of frozen cauliflower florets and boiled them until soft, pureed them in the food processor (which sadly died during the making of this meal, it will be missed).  After pureeing I added the milk/cheese/egg and blended it all together.  Then I transferred the quinoa and cheese mixture to a large bowl and stirred it all up.  Lastly I cooked up a bag of frozen broccoli and stirred that in before putting it all into the oven.  The only other real change was that I added two cups of cheese rather than the suggested 1 1/2 cups.  You can never have too much cheese!

quinoa mac and cheese2

Before Baking

quinoa mac and cheese

After Baking


And, the final product!  It is really good!  I guess I’d say that you can tell it’s not your standard mac and cheese, but it’s too good to care.  Give it a try, especially if you’ve never tried quinoa before.  I think you’ll really like it.