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Whole30 – Day 31 (The Big Reveal)

9 Nov


Hello again to those of you who have been following along in my Whole30 journey, and to those of you who are just now reading my blog for the first time.  It’s been a crazy 30 days, some ups and some downs, but mostly ups I think.

I started off on the Whole30 because my doctor recommended I change my eating because my body isn’t working right.  Who knew that your gut and healthy gut bacteria had such an impact on your hormones, immune system, and general well-being?  I sure didn’t.  I figured as long as my food digested and went on through I was doing okay in the stomach area.  Unlike some people I wasn’t experiencing indigestion or heartburn so I never made the food connection to my health.  But of course, what good is a engine if you throw junk in it all the time?  Not so good.

One of the big things Whole30 does is to switch your body from being a sugar/carb fueled system to a fat fueled system (the way nature intended).  This is supposed to really increase energy levels because, as we know, excess foods get stored as fat, not sugar/carbs, so your body will have a lot of excess stores of fat to run off of in an emergency (or just when it needs it).

While I don’t feel super energized after completing the entire 30 days, I know it has a big part to do with other health issues I’m having, like hypothyroidism, low B12, and adrenal fatigue (to name a few).

One thing I think has really changed for me personally is that my mood is more stable.  I’m not going to lie, I can be pretty moody and I tend to just be grumpy a lot for sometimes no reason at all.  Now G might not agree with me (but he doesn’t read my blog so I guess he can’t refute what I say) but I feel like my moods are much more even and stable.  Do I still get upset?  Of course.  Do I still get annoyed?  Yep.  But when I do I think it’s for a pretty good reason not because I need some sugar.

What did I gain from Whole30?

Better sleep!  I “usually” fall asleep quickly and stay asleep which is a big deal since I work nights and sleep through the day.  Anyone who has tried this knows it’s not always the easiest thing to do.  My sleep has been screwed up for years prior to this.

Better relationship with food!  My old way of eating was very carb heavy.  I loved carbs.  My typical Friday night might look like me going to the grocery store for a bottle of wine and a sweet or salty snack like ice cream or chips and I would eat and drink it all.  I felt like I had had a hard week and I deserved to put this crap into my body because it was a reward for me.  Obviously I haven’t been drinking any wine the past 31 days or eating ice cream or chips but I no longer reward myself with food of any kind and that’s a pretty big deal.  I had always seen those images online that said something similar to “Don’t reward yourself with food, You’re not a dog”, but I really liked those rewards, lol.  Now I only eat when it’s meal time and I really do love the food I’ve been eating.  I forgot how flavorful real foods and spices could be.

Skills! I have learned to prioritize cooking and cleaning into my routine.  As much as I’d like to not do either of these things ever again I also know that it is crucial to my health.  If someone wanted to send me a personal chef I’d be okay with that too though…just a thought!

Knowledge!  The first time I went shopping for Whole30 approved foods I felt like it took me forever at the grocery store and reading the labels was a challenge.  Luckily I brought a list with me of what additives in foods I could and couldn’t have so referencing that was easy, but time consuming.  After that first week I pretty much knew to stick to the vegetable and meat isle and only go down the other isles for spices and things like that.  My shopping times greatly reduced as the weeks went on.  If you think you can pick up any pre-packaged bottle of sauce think again.  it’s amazing what companies will put sugar in.  It just doesn’t make sense.  Why needs sugar in their tomato pasta sauce?

Willpower!  It’s a good thing I’m a strong person because my willpower has been tested many times in the last 30 days.  From G eating all kinds of sweet, salty, alcoholic treats in front of me, to handing out Halloween candy and not eating a single piece, to free-for-all cookies and candy sitting on the counters at work.  I made it through each and every one because I set my goals from the beginning and I knew the disappointment of giving up on my goals would far exceed the minimal temporary satisfaction gained from eating any one of those things.  If you make up your mind going into this (or anything) you won’t give in when temptation looks you in the face.

Planning!  I have a crazy schedule and this is something I know about myself.  I knew if it were up to me to cook every meal, every day, at the time I was supposed to eat the meal, that I would not succeed.  Did that stop me from doing Whole30?  Nope!  I spend one day of my weekend doing shopping and cooking for the week.  Other than making my eggs every morning for breakfast my food is ready to go and that has been something that has really helped with the stress and time management of this plan.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I would not have been successful had I not cooked my meals ahead of time.

Okay, I know those things are all great, but what you all want to know is how much I’ve lost right?  Well, at first I was a little sad over the numbers but when I stopped to think about the fact that before Whole30 the scale was gradually climbing higher and higher, I can be quite happy and proud of the fact that I’ve lost 4.6 pounds in the last 31 days.  It’s not the number I had hoped for in my head but it is better than gaining!  What’s more impressive to me is that I lost a total of 9 inches off of my chest, stomach, hips, butt, and thighs.  9 inches is nothing to scoff at!  And, I have to be honest with myself, I just didn’t have a ton to lose going in to this.  I still struggle with what society has put into my head about the ideal woman’s body type and to me it’s what I was for years, super thin.  Now I know that being that super thin person who ate like crap and never ate enough fat to sustain my body functions I know that my ideal is not healthy.  It’s still tough to get around when it’s been in your head for so long.  So, I’m learning to love my healthier body.

Keep in mind that my results did not include working out.  I had enough going on to be successful with this that I didn’t need to add something else too.  Also, with adrenal fatigue, until your body starts working correctly you can actually do more damage than good by working out hard and stressing your body.  One thing at a time, which I struggle with.  I just want to be better now!  Is that too much to ask?

Okay, here’s some progress pictures!  It’s a bit tough to tell because the lighting seems different (even though they are all taken in my house under the same lights) but I can really see a difference in my stomach area (less pooch), and where my swimsuit ties cross agains my back area they don’t sink into flabby skin nearly as much as before.  Overall I think my complexion is better too.  My cheeks look more rosy and healthy rather than washed out and pale.

IMG_8336IMG_8360 2

IMG_8361 2IMG_8362 2

It should come as no surprise, if you’ve been reading along with me, that I’m not done with this way of eating.  For my health and in hopes of having a long life ahead I’m going to continue eating this was as much as possible.  I already have my reintroduction of alcohol planned (which has been planned since before I started), because G and I actually have a day off together and we’re going to go wine tasting!  I can’t wait to go out and have some fun.  I’m not sure how the wine is going to affect my system but I’m interested to find out.  I’ll be blogging about how that goes and other progresses along the way.  I’m not done with my blog but I’m thankful to take a break from daily blogging.  Who knew, it’s a lot of work!


Okay, as promised I have details for the giveaway!  I have really enjoyed talking with so many of you throughout my journey.  It makes my heart happy to be able to help people be healthier.  That being said my giveaway is a copy of Whole30!  One lucky winner will receive a hardback copy of Whole30, which includes extensive information on how to eat certain foods and why as well as beautiful color pages of recipes.  The recipes are fantastic by the way and they break it down so anyone can do it!  The copy will be shipped directly to you from Amazon.  As far as I know I can ship it anywhere in the world so this giveaway is open to anyone and everyone.

Screen Shot 2015-11-09 at 8.46.11 PM

To enter simply leave a comment here on this blog post.  In the comment tell me 1) which of my Whole30 blog posts was your favorite and why 2) one thing you learned from my blog 3) why you’d like to do a Whole30 for yourself and 4) include your e-mail address so I can contact you if you win!

Comments made elsewhere (Facebook or other blog posts) will not count for the giveaway.  Incomplete comments will not be counted either.  Each entry will be assigned a number and I will use a random number generator to pick the winner.  The giveaway will close Friday November 13th (such a lucky day!) 2015 at 8:00 PM Pacific Time and a winner will be announced shortly after that.  In the event the winner does not respond to the e-mail I send within two days a new winner will be selected and so on until I have a winner to send the book to.  Good luck all!

Whole30 – Day 8

18 Oct

Day 8 was another day off from work for me, but it was hardly a relaxing day.  I did my grocery shopping and got all of my meals (except breakfast eggs) cooked and ready for the week.  I’m hoping my meat selection is better this week but I still feel like I didn’t buy all that much meat, but more than the previous week.

I’ve learned that I really love roasted brussels sprouts.  Who would have guessed?  Those little things are darn delicious.  I remember my friend D telling me she thought they “tasted like candy” and I always thought she was a little crazy.  It’s okay, I might just be crazy too.  I wouldn’t call them candy but they are pretty good as far as vegetables go.

I thought about something the other day and they forgot to write about it.  This Whole30 way of eating really isn’t so strange.  Our grandparents must have eaten similar to this.  There wasn’t soda, energy drinks, chips, candy, and highly processed foods everywhere.  Not to mention when these things became available they were intended to be a treat, not something people ate every day, every meal, and snacks too.  Of course mass marketing is at least partially to blame and the fact that in most households all adults work rather than one staying home to take care of cooking and cleaning.

Week 2 Meals

From left to right, top to bottom, here’s what I’ve cooked for the week.  Spinach and tomato frittata, stuffed acorn squash (from the popular Facebook video post, find it here)  I omitted the bread crumbs and parmesan cheese to make it compliant.  Crack slaw, egg salad with home made mayo and celery, sautéed green beans and mushrooms, roasted brussels sprouts, cauliflower rice, and Thai chicken soup.



For breakfast I finished off the last bit of crack slaw I had leftover from week 1 and added two freshly poached eggs on top.  I was at a loss for what to eat for my fat so I added some almond butter hoping it might make it a bit like pad thai.  It missed the mark but wasn’t horrible and I got the nutrition I needed so that’s a win in my book.



Lunch I had a bowl of the Thai chicken soup I made with a fresh squeeze of lime on top and a serving of green olives on the side!



For dinner I finished what I had left from the first week which was some balsamic sweet potatoes with brussels sprouts and cold thai salad.  I also topped some lettuce with the egg salad which was really good.


I feel like my appetite is decreasing lately but it could just be the difference between being home and being at work.  I guess I’ll find out tomorrow when I head back.

I was happy today that my stomach issues are better again.  It’s confusing to me how one day I will be having the worst time and then it just disappears.  All part of the stomach healing and processing new/different foods I suppose.

I know weight loss is not supposed to be my goal, that feeling better is, but dammit I want to lose a pound or two.  I found this on the Whole30 web site and it has given me hope!

“In a survey of over 1,600 Whole30 participants, a full 96% lost weight and/or improved their body composition.  20% lost between 1-5 pounds; 37% lost 6-11 pounds; 21% lost 12-15 pounds and 11% lost more than 16 pounds in just 30 days!  7% reported no scale change, but an improvement in body composition (muscle gained and/or fat lost). And of the 4% who didn’t lose any weight, many weren’t trying – several were pregnant at the time of their Whole30 program, a few reported they were on a “mass gain” program, and some stated they “didn’t have any weight to lose.””

Crossfit + Herbalife = Success

10 Sep

I’ve been working hard the last five months, eating better (lots of protein), and working out doing crossfit an average or four times a week! I love the progress I’m seeing and the fact that I actually am starting to like my body and the way it looks. One thing I’ve noticed about gaining muscle is that I don’t worry as much about what the scale tells me. Before, I could never weight little enough. If I lost weight then I wanted to lose more. It’s not a healthy perspective but its the truth. Now, I can’t put on enough muscle, but I’m not longer worried about just being thin. Now my focus is on health, muscle tone, and setting new personal records in the gym! I never would have thought that I would enjoy weight lifting, but I love it.

Here my five month progress! Not too shabby.


Juice Fast #2–Day 4

21 Jul

Wow!  I can’t believe I’m already on day four of no food.  Things are going pretty good so far.  I’m not having any real cravings for food which is good.  My coworker even ate sushi in front of me last night and I managed not to drool too hard, lol.  It did look amazing, but I know I can eat sushi when I’m done with my fast.  It’s weird, when I’m fasting I look at food (recipes) and talk about it so much more than I normally do, and I’m a food lover so that’s a lot!

I had a rough day yesterday, not really because of the fast, but it probably contributed to it some.  Of course there’s no caffeine allowed on a juice fast and I worked a 14 hour night last night, and am getting ready for another one now.  I didn’t get enough sleep today either so I’m feeling pretty tired.  My eyelids were so heavy last night, but I made it through without feeling too bad, mainly just a bad headache that set it towards the end of the night.  Honestly, that probably would have happened anyway simply because that’s a long time to sit and stare at a computer screen.

I’m having these weird hot flashes (no not those kind!), and a different coworker of mine said that’s what it feels like to detox.  So weird, I swear I didn’t experience any of this stuff the first go around.  Maybe I ate a lot healthier back then, but I don’t really think I’ve been eating super unhealthy since I got back from my vacation.  Other than that I’m feeling pretty good though, maybe a little spacey, but nothing new there, haha.

I did notice that one of my triggers for eating must be anger.  I left work pretty upset and on my short (five minute) drive home I caught myself thinking “What am I going to eat when I get home (to make myself feel better).”  No joke.  That’s crazy.  I don’t think I realized that before. Anyway, I was good, didn’t eat anything but did drink some juice before bed. 

I’m down another 1.2lbs, at 136.6 today, and a grand total loss of 3.6lbs so far.  I can see a HUGE difference in my stomach.  It’s looking so much flatter which makes me happy.  Also, I haven’t been at this weight since I left for vacation so I’m feeling pretty good about that.  I know in order to make the weight loss real I have to stick to the fast though.  If I were to quit now I’d gain it all right back.